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Willing Communication Between Horse and Human

Tom Dorrance has been referred to as the “horse’s lawyer.” Tom gives the horse credit for his knowledge of a horse’s feelings and his problems. He says, “What I know about the horse, I learned from the horse.

Now, in True Unity, Tom shares some of these ideas to help achieve a true unity for human and horse.

In talking about the horse, Tom mentions often the horse’s need for self-preservation.  Tom approaches in the horse is a total entity. True Unity allows the reader to feel and see the horse in the way Tom sees and feels the horse. It allows the reader to approach the horse with Tom-to approach the horse with a feeling of acceptance for the value of the whole horse-physical, mental, and an innermost horse.

A unique bonus feature of True Unity is a chapter presenting some of Tom’s students as they share how Tom’s help with their horses changed their horses and their lives.

Comments: As others see him

“I call him the ‘master’ He’s my horses guru. To watch him work with a horse is really something to see. I swear he crawls inside the horse’s skin.”
Jane Harrison

“Tom Dorrance, by consensus, is one of the greatest horsemen around.”
Merced Sun Star

“I think one big thing Tom taught me is to see what I look at, in everything, horses, cattle, people-to observe and compare.”

“I’ll never forget the time he rode into Florence. The greatest horseman of all, a man called Tom Dorrance.”
Excerpt from tribute by Bob Barrett, horsemanship instructor

“This book is dedicated to the man who made it possible-Tom Dorrance…”
Ray Hunt, author of Think Harmony with Horses

“Tom helped me to feel free to experiment. I learned the importance of getting the horse with me because he wants to be with me.”

“Tom Dorrance is a “figuring” man, and problem horses are his speciality. In his quiet way he figures out what makes them tick and before long, each horse is working for him and loving it.”
Jane Pattie in Horseman

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