Daughters of the West by Anne Seagraves


“Broncs before breakfast, babies after forty, life without pay, death without warning, God as her guide and a ballad on her wind-blistered lips, Woman in all her glory gave flower to the American West.”
— National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Fort Worth, Texas


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ROUGH, TOUGH AND IN SKIRTS! These turn-of-the-century gals entered a man’s world with a vengeance, many of them conquering it.

This action-packed book brings to life the colorful women of the Old Wild West. Horse-trading ladies, like the legendary “Mustang Jane,” ruled the range with their six-shooters, “The Queen of Diamonds” rode sidesaddle over the rough terrain with her cowhands and a new breed of gutsy cowgirls fought their way to fame in the male-dominated world of rodeo. Others made quiet, gentler changes.

From the famous and infamous, to the unsung heroines–cattle queens, petticoat prisoners, and dedicated schoolmarms–they represented the feminine side of the American frontier and brought a woman’s touch to an otherwise uncivilized land.

Anne Seagraves writes about yesterday’s women with remarkable clarity and honest compassion. Her book Soiled Doves; Prostitution in the Early West has sold over 100,000 copies and has been option for a television movie-of-the-week. Seagraves lives in North Idaho where she is currently working on her eighth book.


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