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A story in verse of Elko, Nevada, yesterday, today, and tomorrow 

Hey! Elko is a personal thank you to t he town and County of Elko, Nevada… for occupying a special place in the author’s mind and heart. It was written to share with others some of the intimate history, magic, and mystery of life as it was, and still is, in Northeastern Nevada. The illustrations are an artistic counterpart and reflection of the words; blending understanding, insight, and heartfelt humor to further ease the reader’s nostalgic journey through Elko’s countryside of land, people, and events not to be soon, if ever, forgotten!

Captured herein are the feelings of Elko County, its countryside, and the human incidents, which help the reader to relate to the county life everywhere and anywhere.

“Give-It-A-Go” would like to introduce you to its latest publication, a story in verse by M. H. Porter entitled “HEY! ELKO” The work, consisting of 72 pages produced in soft cover, is further enhanced by M. A. Porter’s 26 lively reflective illustrations. 

HEY! ELKO is an attempt to share with you some of the intimate history, magic, and mystery of life as it was and still is in northeastern Nevada. many of you will recognize these experiences as being typical of country living in other areas. 

The author has divided the work into 3 sections, “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” but you will recognize an interlacing of time which is most applied in the foreword by Elko County rancher, Charles Van Norman, who states “these stories in verse dare the way we lived and are living “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” in Elko County

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