High-Spirited Women of the West by Anne Seagraves


“I believe that it should be boldly declared that the best and safest club for a woman is in her home.” President Grover Cleveland, 1905

“Personally I am tepidly in favor of women suffrage … the great work of women must be done in the home. The ideal woman of the future as of the past is the good wife and mother.” President Theodore Roosevelt, 1911


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Profiles of ten courageous women who helped shape history are told in the inspiring and entertaining book. These high-spirited women left conventional roles behind, becoming America’s early feminists. Some were bold and rebellious like Belle Starr and Anna Eliza Young. Many such as Sarah Winnemucca and Abigail Duniway, were dedicated to their causes; others like Jessie Benton Fremont, to the people they loved. Demanding acceptance on their own terms, they proudly took their place in history beside the men of the untamed West.

Descriptive text accompanied by period photographs provide glimpses of these strong women and the people they touched as they blazed new trails for the women of the 20th century.

High-Spirited Women of the West is Anne Seagraves’ third book in a series of stories about Western women. The first, Women of the Sierra, brings to life the rich and often difficult lives of the female pioneers who struggled for independence in a male-dominated society. In Women Who Charmed the West, the second book in the series, Seagraves reveals the lives and exploits of yesterday’s leading actresses as they ignored the mores of the Victorian sara to entertain the audiences of the early West.

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