Roses of the West by Anne Seagraves


These special women bloomed in the wilderness, like the Roses of the West.


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Roses of the West brings to life the most colorful era in American history and shares the lives of the strong women who played an important role in settling the West. From the courage of Montana’s cattle queen and the dedication of Wyoming’s first lady governor to the struggle of a young California girl to become a 19th century doctor, this book tells the feminine side of early America.

The wide-open spaces of the West inspired people to do great things, and the women in this book were not exceptions. They were the real life heroines who prepared the way for others to follow… THESE ARE THEIR STORIES!

“… all the women, the ‘roses’ of the title, exhibit bravery, the desire to follow their dreams and the courage to begin life anew.”
–Doris R. Meredith, Book Editor, Western Writers of America

Anne Seagraves writes about yesterday’s women with remarkable clarity and honest compassion. Her bestselling book, Soiled Doves: Prostitution in the Early West, has sold over 200,000 copies and is being considered for a television documentary.

Seagraves lives in Idaho, where she is currently working on the seventh book in her highly successful series about early western women.

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