Women of the Sierra by Anne Seagraves


“Anne Seagraves has begun to fill in the missing pages in the colorful, wild history of the American West… the stories of the women.” 
– Just Country Magazine


Product Description

This entertaining and informative book takes the reader back to the mid-1800s through the turn-of-the-centry with profiles of exceptional women like stage-driver Charlotte “Charley” Parkhurst, Eleanora Dumont, a gambling lady and Eliza Mott, Nevada’s first schoolteacher. From doctor to innkeeper, these heartwarming stories share the rich and often difficult lives of the female pioneers who fought for independence in the male-dominated West. the many old black and white photographs sprinkled throughout the book illuminate each chapter, providing a glimpse of the real women under the petticoats and callouses. With pain and strength etched in their faces, they sit erect as though their spines were made of steel. Each woman was unique – all made a valuable contribution in the taming of the West.

Anne Seagraves is the author of High-Spirited Women of the West, Women Who Charmed the West, and Women of the Sierra. Seagraves lives in northern Idaho, where she is currently working on her seventh book.

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